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GullSun understands the costs and benefits of air transport and it shouldn’t be wasted or compromised when fast delivery is crucial.
Fast but not rough. GullSun handles your goods the same way you would yourself: with great care.
Cargo tracking & pre-alerting are standard features. Every detail of delivery and collection is closely monitored and goods are delivered as fast and safely as possible. No fuss.
Because we work closely with many different airlines, we always have options for getting your cargo to its final destination in the fastest possible time and most cost-effective way.
We offer you a complete door-to-door service, with your cargo collected from any location and delivered to any destination within the limits of the law.

Air Freight Services

Next Flight Out

Overnight Freight Service

Competitive deferred Air Freight Service

Time Definite Express Service

Consolidation and Direct-to-Consignee Service

Door-to-Door and Airport-to-Airport Service

The fastest solution for time-sensitive shipments



Service organised based on your needs.
Same day pickup available


24h delivery within the same continent,
48-72h worldwide

Track and trace

Follow your shipment at any time
using the tracking number provided

How to book air freight services with GullSun?

We organise cargo shipments via air freight based on individual requests. Send your shipping requirements, and one of our experts will prepare a personalised offer that fulfils your needs.

Pros and cons of international air freight shipping

Advantages of air freight

Fastest shipping service available.

Increased predictability of deliveries as flights are rarely delayed.

Safe transport due to airports tight security measures.

Faster customs clearance as air cargo is quickly unloaded.

Goods can be transported via air freight to almost any destination.

Disadvantages of air freight

Air freight costs are higher than other shipping services.

Not cost-efficient for shipping light and inexpensive goods.

Less eco-friendly transport since air freight has high carbon emission.

There are a few restricted products that cannot be transported by air but can be transported by road or sea freight.

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